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My Wedding Speech

Well, it wouldn’t be a celebration, or part-y
Without a little rhyme or poem from me.
So without too much pomp and further ado
I’d like to say a few words from me to you…

Firstly, thanks to all, for being here
You are our closest, and most dear
We’re thrilled you could be here, on this day
To see us along, our married way.

Ringer Reef staff, Annie and Bruce
Today has been perfect, thanks to you
Thanks for the beautiful food and wine
And a venue that is just, absolutely devine

Roger and Jean, my new in-laws
You’ve welcomed me to your family, without a pause
We get along great, coz I know the team to choose
Blue and white all the way – Go the mighty roos!

Mum and dad, you have always been
The rock and support, on which I lean
I know I’ve given you plenty of hell
But I’ve finally come good, as you can tell.

You can’t choose your family, that much is true,¬†
but if I could, and had to, siblings, I’d choose you.
You’re more than my brother or sister, you’re a friend
Although at times we drive each other completely ’round the bend!
(And extra brownie points and kudos to Jessica and Claudia for making it today! Good effort!)

Bridge, Kate and Ness, I know there was some doubt
Whether this whole “wang thing” would all work out
Without your support, it probably wouldn’t have too
Thank you for proving your friendship true.

To my work husband Michael, and dear friend,
Thanks for always being there, when I’m at wits end
We’ve had some laughs, and crazy times, that’s how we get along
But remember, now I’m married you call me MRS Ding Dong.

Best man Travis, thank you so much
Today wouldn’t have been the same, without your touch
You always deliver funny antics and plenty of flair
Or a version of ‘Titanium’ that shouldn’t go to air.
(I think my sister Jessica is still traumatised by that one)

Claire, classic crazy Claire, what more can I say?
I think I said it all at your 30th birth-day!
But seriously, thanks for being, my maid of honour
Without you my bestie, I woulda been a goner!

Dazza, my gorgeous guy, there’s just so much to say!
You’ve made me the person that I am today.
The good, the bad. The ugly, the true
I’d be nothing today, without you.

My husband, you are amazing, and you should know
That my love for you, continues to grow 
You are gentle, kind and sweet, with a generous heart
I knew you were the one for me, right from the very start.

I’m so proud to now be standing here, your wife
The person you’ve chosen, to share your life,
I’m thankful and honoured that you picked me
To be your companion, for eternity.

But before all these compliments go to your head
There’s just one more thing, that needs to be said
Some words of wisdom that I once found,
To the secret of a marriage, that is strong and sound.

Always remember…

‘Marriage is a relationship
Where one person is right
And the other person is the husband’

Please raise your glasses for a toast to love, laughter and friends, especially those who are absent today, but with us in spirit.

Sarah and Darrell
Saturday 14 September 2013