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PLEASE NOTE: Retirement of ‘Person in the Mirror’ Blog

My journey with blogging started over 5 years ago with this precious WordPress site called Person in the Mirror. Although it has been quite a dark blog at times, it has served a healing and cathartic purpose for me, after a series of miscarriages and my ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety. Thankfully, I am in now in a much better place and have decided to retire this blog. Starting afresh if you will!
If you have enjoyed my writing (which I sincerely hope you have!), never fear!  I have started a new blog called ‘By Sarah‘ and I hope you will come over, check it out and even follow me if you like what you read.
Thanks to all my readers and followers over the years (all 58 of you!)

You have supported me in ways you will never know.

Love and blessings,

Sarah (aka WEEJARS)


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3 things – Sunday 7 April 2013

* My improved level of fitness. I have so much more energy and feel better about myself every day (gotta love those endorphins)

* My beautiful boo who celebrated her second birthday yesterday. My girl is growing up! Here is a picture of her all smiles after a big walk and enjoying a treat…

* My fiancé…

I never tire of saying that! It’s so much nicer to know he is my husband-to-be and not merely a ‘partner’. Personally, I loathe that term and I am grateful I no longer have to use it 😉


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Three things – Wednesday 14 November

Three things I did that were brave today:
– I rang and declined a job offer despite the fact I am desperate to leave my very unhappy current work situation. The ‘new’ job would have been a step backwards and only provide a bandaid fix to the long term problem. I felt bad though for letting them down 😦
– I hand delivered a job application to a school! Rather than post or email, I put my personal mark on the method of letting them know I was interested.
– It’s been proven over and over again that when it comes to securing teaching positions it’s who you know. So I shamelessly rang a contact about the application I dropped in to the school so that they can put in a ‘good word’ for me. Fingers crossed!


These may not seem like much, but for a meek and mild people-pleaser like me, all these things were a BiG deal! I must have put my big girl panties on today as I feel a strange sense of pride that I was able to go for it, conquer my fears and take some positive steps to my return to a career in teaching…

Click here if you need some big girl panties too

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Three things – Saturday 27 October

So it’s been a while since I have posted in this category – it’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks and I’ve found it hard to show gratitude (bad, I know but depression is like that)

This is a ‘three things’ with a difference in that it’s a video with the three things I love most in this world…my lil family

Click HERE

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3 things – Sunday 7 October 2012

* Daylight savings. Love that extra daylight at the tail end to feel like you’re really living! You can get so much more done 🙂
* Homemade pizzas. Scrummy yummy in my tummy!
* Walking my puppies. I love watching their little tails wag and legs wiggle as they bound along the footpath, barely restrained by me! I don’t know who walks who sometimes!