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Up on the airplane

There is something very unnatural about flying. Yep. In my mind, the fact that we as humans, don’t have wings, probably suggests we don’t belong in the air.

Yet, daily, thousands and thousands of people, venture into the skies to get to their meeting/holiday/wedding/reunion/weekend away/whatever-excuse-you-need-to-go-somewhere so much faster! And they LOVE it! Most people I know, enjoy that special feeling when you travel by air.

And I do get that. There is something almost VIP-ish about having someone check you in, screen you, grant you exclusive entry to the venue (aka the plane) and then serve you whatever you want in your seat.

And everything is so small and cute!
The small serving sizes of the snacks.
The small drinks.
The small TVs.
The small leg space.
The small toilet.
Even the delays are miniature.
‘There’s a slight delay’
‘We’ll be landing shortly’

But I digress.

I have a ‘small’ problem with flying. And that is that I have a terrible fear of it.
Nothing makes me feel sicker, more anxious or fearful, than from the moment of take off until the time my feet are firmly planted on solid ground again.

The lurching, dipping, vibrating, and constant roar of engines, invoke an undertone of terror that lasts the duration of the flight, making it impossible to relax and enjoy. I entertain visions of ‘how we are going to go down’ and listen attentively to safety and emergency presentations provided by the cabin crew. I have no doubt I would be the most well versed student should we be in an actual emergency.

And heaven forbid if we encounter any turbulence! Every jolt and shudder, I imagine rivets popping and wings detaching.
I wish I’d never watched ‘Air Crash Investigations‘!