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12 months

Tomorrow marks 12 months to the day, since my second loss.

No matter how much time passes, miscarriage doesn’t get any easier.
The pain may not be as raw, and your life goes on, but the sadness, sorrow and knowledge of all that will never be, all that was taken from you, leaves a bitterness and anger that is always simmering.

I ask anyone who reads this, to remember my baby with me on May 10th. Light a candle for her precious little soul…

I will be repeating this ritual for my first loss, in another 9 day’s time.


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Near-Death-Experience at Melbourne Airport

So to further illustrate my point about the only constant, I literally, nearly died tonight.

Ok, so ‘died’ may be a slight exaggeration (to which I am prone) but nonetheless, it would have definitely been an ambulance-worthy incident requiring hospitalisation.

I have had a full on work at week, away on conference with clients. So for all my hard work, I am owed some time in lieu aka, a LONG WEEKEND! Yay! *insert happy dance here*
(I am currently in-transit to Adelaide to see my BFF Claire, as we speak!)

After parking my car in the airport carpark, I was minding my own business on the pedestrian walk, when suddenly, a ‘P-plater’ in a four wheel drive, erratically jammed his car in reverse and backed up, at full speed WITHOUT even LOOKING, straight towards me!!!!

Lucky I wasn’t completely lost in a reverie and I jumped out of the way at the last minute.
Shaken and more than a little pissed off, I promptly gave him a mouthful (with my most colourful language) about his poor driving.

And. the. little. prick. did. not. even. bat. an. eye OR even APOLOGISE!
What. The. F@%k?!

Bystanders attended to me and made sure I was ok, and were also gob-smacked at the ‘youth’s behaviour’….but it just goes to show, you just never know, when you may go! (and if you’ll be taken out by some pimple faced p-plater)

Enjoy every moment peeps. It’s sacred.